Aloha Abroad: Dreaming of A White Christmas

Christmas in Hawaii is liquid sunshine and glassy surf, beach barbeques and bikinis. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and one of the warmest, too, when families come together to celebrate each other’s company in Paradise. These are my memories of Christmas, but like many islanders, I’ve always dreamed of having a white one.

This year, I got one.

As I write from Colorado, a winter wonderland of white floods the outside of my room window. We got here just in time for the snow, about a foot of fresh Christmas pow, and apparently the best storm of the season (so far). Colorado is white, and I am very happy!

I want to roll in the snow, build a shaka snowman and flutter like a snow angel. But I won’t just yet because I know better. It’s nighttime and nearing temps in the low 30s. Hypothermia (or a head cold) wouldn’t be a nice gift to unwrap. Tomorrow will surely be a day to play.

Most Christmases, people in Hawaii spend their day at the beach — working on their tans or riding waves all the way to shore. But in Colorado, it’s all about tanning your (face) cheeks and surfing the snow. Ski, snowboard, sled, whatever it takes to ride those frozen wintry waves, where instead of a surf reports, there’s snow reports. Tomorrow’s forecast: a foot of fresh pow and macking! Instead of board shorts and bikinis, it’s all about bundling up in beanies and fleece.

The warmth of this fireplace is a nice alternative to the warm Hawaiian sun, and the weather and people have been equally kind to the Hawaiian counterparts. That’s when I realize how much these two places are alike, despite being on opposite sides of the temperature spectrums. I flipped the Christmas coin, and this year it landed on snow instead of surf. I couldn’t be happier to find Aloha Abroad, no matter how frozen I may be.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher