Splash into Warm Hawaiian Waters Year Round

What’s the average water temperatures in Hawaii?

About 78° F, according to National Oceanographic Data Center. That means it’s pretty much warm all year round, as compared to the water temps of Lake Michigan, which is about 70° F in the summers before dropping to 40° F in the winter. Brr…

That means Hawaii waters are warm enough to swim or snorkel in during any time of year. Beaches near Honolulu stay as warm as a heated swimming pool. Don’t worry, we’re talking the intentionally-heated kind of pools and not the ones that are warm with fresh pee. The water gets even warmer during the summer, jumping to about 80° F.

Ocean temps in Hilo, however, can get pretty chilly. In March, according to the report, it can drop to its coldest of the year at 71° F. And during the summer, Hilo waters are about 74 to 75° F. That’s still pretty cold, by Hawaii’s standards, but definitely not full body wetsuit worthy. You can still swim, surf, snorkel with regular swimsuits and boardshorts. Even if it’s rainy, most beachgoers will still jump in.

Many beaches in Hilo have cold water springs along the ocean floor, so that’s why the waters are usually pretty chilly. But it’s always a nice kind of chilly that’s always refreshing and keeps people coming back for more.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher