Get Healthier in Hawaii

If you’re coming to Hawaii in the new year, then there’s no excuse for straying from that dreaded resolution of losing a few pounds. Hawaii ranked second healthiest in the nation, a couple strides behind Vermont. But two huge leaps ahead from last year’s standing at fourth.

The annual America’s Health Rankings has been comparing the health index of each state for more than two decades, and every year, Hawaii ranks in the top five. Overall, the report shows a lower rate in obesity and diabetes, as compared to other states.

And it’s all thanks to the array of outdoor activities Hawaii has to offer. From hiking to surfing to snorkeling, it’s safe to say that you could do pretty much anything under the sun…and snow, if you consider sledding down a white-topped Mauna Kea a physical activity. I’ll tell you from experience that you definitely work up a sweat!

That’s what’s cool about Hawaii. You could literally be doing some form of exercise from the mountains to the sea. Whether it be hiking through the Koolau mountain range or exploring Haleakala Crater on Maui, there’s no shortage of physical fun. Travel down toward the cityscape, where you can power through shopping malls or bike around town. Then finish off the day in the ocean. That’s where you’ll catch some waves, explore the underwater world and take a relaxing stroll down the beach – all in one place! And without even realizing it, you’ve burned off that delicious luau food from the night before.

I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal. Eat good food and then work it off without even realizing it. You’ll be having too much fun to even think about that new year’s resolution you made a few weeks prior. Exercise? What’s that?

Photo Credit: Katherine Finch

Posted by: Bruce Fisher