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Hanalei Pier Gets a Facelift

I always wondered when someone would fix up that dilapidated rooftop canopy at the end of Hanalei Pier. It’s one of the most famous landmarks on Kauai; yet, rust, rot and holes seemed to plague the structure for decades.

It was more than an eyesore, though, the rusted rooftop was also a safety hazard. Several stainless steels support beams appeared to be missing, and with how much rain that side of the island gets, we’re lucky that the roof hasn’t already caved in.

We’re also lucky that the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay put this at the top of its list of priorities. Members raised more than $170,000 that will go toward rebuilding the canopy. A crew of workers began to remove the aging structure by breaking it down piece by piece. From there, they’ll replace it with a brand new rooftop. The entire project is expected to be finished by April 2013, according to Hawaii News Now. So for a moment or two between the take-down and build, the pier will be completely “naked” of its rooftop covering.

This isn’t the first makeover for the pier. Prior to the concrete, the rooftop was completely made of wood. The pier itself has somehow survived big surf, hurricanes and salt air. It was literally hanging on with what little stability was left.

This restoration is encouraging news to locals, who are still in the midst of fighting against “McMansions” along Hanalei Bay. And it should be especially welcoming news for visitors who look forward to taking a stroll down the pier or cannonballing into the blue waters below. You’ll now be able to do that for many more years to come.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 15, 2012