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New Year’s Eve Fireworks Light Honolulu Skies

The fireworks show from Aloha Tower is one you don’t want to miss this New Year’s Eve. Why? Because the same company that usually does the fireworks at the Olympics will be in charge of lighting up Honolulu skies this year. So not only will the show be grander than usual, but it’ll also be of the same worldly standards as this elite sporting event.

How’s that for kicking off the new year right?

The fireworks show will just be the icing on the 2013 cake, though. Up until the first midnight blast over Honolulu Harbor, there will be events just as explosively fun. Aloha Tower is planning to have a huge block party on its premises, where all of its shops and eateries will take part in celebrating the new year with music, dance, food and adult beverages.

I’m excited about the 8 different stages scattered throughout, each themed something just as unique as the next. Planet ROCK, Disco BALLROOM and Hot LATIN NIGHTS will be among the mix. And around the historic tower of Aloha, there will be a foam pit and Chinese lion dancing going on.

Whether kicking off a new year or celebrating Cinco de Mayo, block parties are always the best way to go. They’re conveniently situated in one area, so you don’t have to do much driving. Plus, there’s a little something for everyone – food, music, dancing and drinks. Also, it’s close to Waikiki hotels, so you can walk to the event or catch a cheap cab.

Be safe, and have a Happy New Year!

NEW YEAR’S EVE ALOHA TOWER BLOCK PARTY • Dec. 31, 2012, 7pm-midnight (21+) • For info and to buy tickets, www.alohatowernye.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 13, 2012