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Dry Spell for Enchanting Rainbow Falls

What happened to the waterfall at Rainbow Falls on the Big Island?

Usually, it’s raging with water that plunges into the deep pool below. But as of late, it’s been completely dry, with not even a trickle to its name. And not a rainbow in sight. In the early mornings, the waterfall’s mist would reflect the morning sun and cast a rainbow across the rushing waters. But not anymore.

Rainbow Falls before the statewide drought.

Many have been pointing a finger at the lack of rain on the Big Island, which is also a rarity since it always rains there. This has since brought on abnormally dry conditions for the island. In fact, according to the U.S. drought monitor, all islands have been experiencing some level of drought.

The lack of waterfalls goes without saying that visitors have been a bit disappointed. I found out about a dry Rainbow Falls from my friend who’s visiting the Big Island. She read our post about the falls a couple of months ago and decided to make that a stop on her vacay bucket list. Sadly, there was nothing really to see.

But don’t let that ruin your vacation! There is still plenty to do and to see on the Big Island. You could make a snowman on Mauna Kea or see Madame Pele’s wrath of molten lava. You could take a road trip or just hang out at one of the many beaches. In the end, you’ll find something fun to do!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 4, 2012