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Hawaii Holidays Go ‘Gangnam Style’

Every year like clockwork, Honolulu puts up a huge Christmas tree and oversized holiday decorations. Mr. and Mrs. Santa hold up an even huger shaka; both figurines are more than 20-feet tall.

But in light of a K-Pop single that’s been going viral, Hawaii also kicked off this holiday season with a little bit of “Gangnam Style!” A surprise choreographed dance routine performed by Honolulu’s mayor and his “elves” has also been going viral. Complete with fist pumps and horse-riding gallops, the love-it-or-hate-it song had Honolulu Hale bumpin’ before the annual tree topping. And it adds to what many are calling the next Macarena movement.

Here’s the video of Mayor Peter Carlisle going “Gangnam Style:”

Even if you can’t stand that song, you’ve got to admit, it was pretty hilarious! I’m still wondering why the mayor’s wearing a Count Dracula outfit though? Because surely we’re not celebrating Halloween anymore! It would have been even more awesome if he came prancing out in a Santa suit. Had he performed this several months prior, I’m sure he would have gotten a lot more votes in the election, haha!

It’s silly stuff like this that make me love the holidays even more. Hawaii definitely knows how to get into the Christmas spirit, whether it’s in the Hawaiian Style or Gangnam Style!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 1, 2012