Country Market Brings Charm to Oahu’s North Shore

While it might not be the biggest farmers market on Oahu, the North Shore Country Market has a special charm that makes it the perfect fit in keeping “the country, country.” And it’s thanks to the Buy Local mentality and chill vibes that keep people coming back for more.

Hand-painted signs. It doesn’t get more country than this!

Located away from the busy highway – in the back of an elementary school’s parking lot – the market is as quiet as a market gets. There are usually 10 to 15 vendors that sell anything from fresh flowers to burritos. But the works of local artisans is what makes this country market unique. Every Saturday morning, painters/jewelers/crafters carefully lay out their handmade items; next to them, the sizzling sounds of a Pupukea Burrito in the works, while the smell of yummy Brazilian food wafts through the air.

Because the Haleiwa Farmers Market moved to Waimea Valley on Thursdays, this tiny market has since taken on the responsibility as the only Saturday market for the North Shore. That probably explains why I’ve seen a slight boost in vendors and customers. In the coming months, they’ll be even busier as the holidays and big winter waves make their way to the islands.

“ Uggly Bags” that aren’t really ugly.

Like many other surfers, we stop by the market for breakfast or lunch when we’re nearby. On hot days, I get the lilikoi lemonade. It’s conveniently located across of a world-famous surf break, so it’s not uncommon to see surfers and beach-goers in boardshorts or bikinis trot through. Tourists love this market because they can grab a snack before walking across the street to watch monster waves, or in the summer, to swim along the shore.

The market also offers a nice variety to the limited food options out on that particular stretch of North Shore. Food trucks, Foodland and Ted’s Bakery (south of the market) are pretty much the only places you’ll be able to find something to eat or drink. Otherwise, you can drive about 15 minutes north to the quaint Haleiwa town.

NORTH SHORE COUNTRY MARKET • Sunset Beach Elementary 59-360 Kamehameha Hwy., Haleiwa, HI 96712 •