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Changes Fly into HNL Airport

The Honolulu International Airport has been the mid-Pacific hub for travelers for nearly 85 years. And it’s always buzzing with action. Millions have trudged through the long TSA lines before speed walking to their gates, let out a sigh of relief after a lengthy flight to the islands and waited patiently for their bags to come round the carousel.

This summer, there will be even more action at the airport, as a $600-million renovation project gets underway. Improvements include demolishing the commuter terminal, which is used mostly by Go! Mokulele and Island Air, and building an 11-gate “Mauka concourse” to support larger planes next to the inter-island terminal.

The current commuter terminal is not directly connected to the other terminals. Because of this, it is not easily accessible to travelers. They have to instead go through the Hawaiian Air terminal. The new commuter terminal will be relocated to a more central location and hopefully resolve this issue.

There will also be a new five-story car rental facility with more than 2,000 stalls. The current single-story car rental area holds half the number of cars. This oftentimes leads to a vehicle shortage during the peak traveling seasons, which is why a new rental facility is much needed for the Honolulu airport.

While some of the upgrades in the past have included new Wiki-Wiki buses and air-conditioned international arrival corridors, the one thing the airport’s lacking is – more eateries.

How else would you like to see the airport improved?

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 24, 2012