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When Algae Attacks

Euuwwee, has anyone else seen the algae growing inside the State Capitol’s “reflection pool?”

It’s gotten so out of hand that there’s no way you’ll be meeting your reflection anytime soon nor will you be doing any “reflecting.” Your deepest thoughts will just have to wait because the only thing you’ll want to do is hold your nose and get as far away as possible.

The stench is beyond horrid, like cow pie horrid. And sadly, I’m not exaggerating. I went there a couple weeks ago and noticed the rustic-orange colored algae starting to pile up. Layer upon layer bubbling toward the murky surface until boom! Attack of the algae. Apparently, the shallow-water pools surrounding the state landmark gets infested with algae from time to time. But this, according to those who work inside the Capitol, is the worst it’s ever been.

The Capitol is not only an important landmark in Hawaii, but it’s a popular tourist attraction. Some make this one of their stops because of its historic and architectural significance to Hawaii. Did you know it’s designed to look like a volcano? And that’s not the only aspect that resembles a piece of Hawaii. The reflection pool represents the Pacific Ocean, while the surrounding statues of Queen Liliuokalani and Father Damien showcase the epochs in Hawaii’s history.

Defacement by algae is not only disgusting, but it’s disrespectful to Hawaii and its culture. Hopefully the state does something quick. An Algae Apocalypse is not something we need…

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 22, 2012