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‘Buy Local, Give Aloha’ For Hawaii Holidays

In an effort to support Hawaii’s local economy, Gov. Neil Abercrombie urges residents and visitors to buy and gift locally-made products this holiday season. The kick off to this “Buy Local, Give Aloha” campaign came at the perfect time – right before the biggest shopping day of the year.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie tweeted this picture, showcasing all the wonderful Hawaii-made products to buy this holiday season.

This is great news for tourists, who are looking for souvenirs or Christmas gifts. The recent push to buy local puts even more unique items on the market because they’ll most likely be handmade or homemade. And we all know just how special a handmade/homemade gift can be to the person you’re giving it to. It often takes just as much thought to choose the gift as it does for the crafter to make it. Plus, the gift is something they won’t necessarily find online or at a major store.

Same goes for tourists. They’ll be able to buy some cool Hawaii-made stuff at local craft fairs and shops. And we’re talking more than a generic aloha print mug or towel that’s mass produced worldwide. We’re talking about stuff that you can’t find anywhere else but here, in Hawaii.

Among the governor’s other buy local announcements: The state will be sponsoring Made In Hawaii booths at several trade shows in Asia next year. Also, Abercrombie wants to revive the “Governor’s Fashion Awards” to help stimulate the local clothing and jewelry industries and make October Hawaii’s official fashion month.

Stay tuned for more on those announcements and for our pick of some neat made-in-Hawaii products. They’ll be sure to be the perfect souvenir or holiday gift.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 22, 2012