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Don’t Let a Delayed Flight Hold Up Your Hawaii Vacation

To say you’ve waited a “long time” to come to Hawaii would be an understatement; you’ve dreamt of this moment, fantasized about it for years, decades, even. That single moment when you peel off your last winter layer and step off the plane for some fresh Hawaiian air.

Now, what if that moment got pushed back even farther away from reality? Your flight, delayed for another couple of hours. As dramatic as that sounds…actually, it’s not that dramatic. You’d no doubt be devastated, maybe a little annoyed, too. Now what?

Sadly, it’s a series of events that many travelers nowadays have been experiencing. One delay leads to the next, and before you know it, you’re a disgruntled passenger touching down in “paradise.” Definitely not the right way to start any trip.

Good news for those of you who fly Hawaiian Air or Alaska Airlines to Hawaii: you won’t be wasting your time waiting. Both airlines had the top two on-time arrivals for Hawaii, according to recent government findings. Hawaiian showed up as scheduled, 93-percent of the time, while Alaska Air had an 89-precent on-time arrival rate.

No other carrier came close. United Airlines had the worst rep for showing up on time. The 72-percent finding doesn’t surprise me. We were delayed a total of six hours on our one-stop trip from Colorado to Hawaii, thanks to a delayed flight into Denver. The plus side? More time to enjoy my steamy bread bowl of San Fran clam chowder!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 18, 2012