Lifeguards Know Best

No one wants to be that guy. So when you’re in Hawaii, please don’t be that guy getting singled out at the beach by a lifeguard…on his megaphone. Lifeguards do that. Not to embarrass beach-goers but to warn them of any ocean dangers before the fact and not after.

From their watch towers, they can tell the experienced from the inexperienced, so that’s probably why young children and tourists get paid the most attention. But the main thing for anyone is, know your limits and know the ocean conditions before you go. If you heed this advice, you’ll spare yourself from possible danger and embarrassment.

When the megaphone warning gets blasted across the beach, there’s no hiding the pointed fingers and stifled laughs. But in actuality, this is the quickest and most influential method for lifeguards to get the message out. I recall a lifeguard friend once telling us that if a they have to jump into the water and save someone, then they’re not doing their job. It’s all about preventative action.

To be honest, I was that guy once when I was younger. Got caught in a rip current at Sandy’s and panicked. Luckily, there were no rescues, and I made it to shore safely. So I speak from firsthand experience when I say, you don’t ever want to be that guy.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher