It’s Electric! At Taste of Kalihi

Pork adobo, lumpia and pansit. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you must go to the annual Taste of Kalihi event. It’s not only a place to be ethnic but also a place to be electric!

Pansit noodles are a popular Filipino dish. You can try it at the Taste of Kalihi event.

And by that, we mean in the way your body grooves to the ever-popular and ultra-classic Electric Slide. Every year, hundreds boogey woogey to “the largest Electric Slide Dance in Hawaii.” It’s been such a hit that event coordinators made it an annual tradition. People from the community look forward to showing off their electrifying moves on the dance floor, even if it means learning it while they’re there.

Hawaii loves this four-wall line dance, which goes to the rhythm of Marcia Griffith’s “Electric Boogie.” I can’t even remember how many times I’ve dance to this growing up; from school dances to birthday parties to – most recently – a friend’s wedding. As soon as the music starts, a wave of excitement rolls through the party, and before you know it, your body’s moving with the groove of pure muscle memory.

Now back to the food. There will be all kinds; from Filipino to Hawaiian to Vietnamese dishes, you’ll definitely find something for the whole family. There will be exotic foods, like balut, but just to warn you, it isn’t for everyone. Let’s just say the fertilized duck embryo that’s boiled and eaten in the shell is so exotic that Fear Factor made it one of its featured challenges. Taste of Kalihi will have its own challenge, however, a balut eating championship that puts to the test Hawaii’s h3est stomachs.

Taste of Kalihi is one of many “Taste of” events throughout the state. Each is tailored toward the community it’s held in; therefore, offering foods and entertainment unique to their hometown. It’s also one of the best ways for visitors to really immerse themselves into the culture of Hawaii.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher