Election 2012: Party Like A Barack Star

The results are in. Hawaii’s son, Barack Obama, will lead the country once again as President of the United States. Only 270 electoral votes were needed to win one of the most contested races in the nation’s history, and Obama did just that. By about 6:15 p.m., Hawaii time, the Punahou School alumn secured 274 electoral votes.

As of that time, Republican candidate Mitt Romney had 203 electoral votes, despite leading in the popular vote by about one percent.

Obama immediately took to Twitter to thank supporters, saying, “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned.” The crowd at his Chicago campaign headquarters went wild after his win was announced. Most of Hawaii did the same. Like my household, houses throughout our neighborhood cheered and screamed at the announcement of Obama’s victory. It sounded like we were all watching the Super Bowl!

There’s no doubt many local businesses are also jumping for joy. Upcountry Maui’s famous Komodo Bakery and Yogurt Mama in Kailua have always been openly in support of our local boy. “Yogurt Mama loves Obama” was the yogurt store’s slogan during the campaign. And it looks like the shave ice shop, Island Snow, will also be keeping its Obama blend around for at least the next four years.

Here’s to an exciting finish to a long – and heated – presidential campaign. But the night’s not over just yet; we’re still waiting on results from other political races and will do our best to keep you updated till the very end.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher