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The Airplane “Squeeze”

Are you guilty of the airplane “squeeze?”

With checked-in baggage fees added on to an already expensive plane ticket, many travelers have been resorting to “the squeeze.” It’s a way to beat the system, so to speak, by squeezing your overstuffed carry-on under the airplane seat or into an overhead compartment.

I remember watching a passenger before our departure literally break a sweat as he struggled to make his carry-on duffle fit into the narrow compartment above. He pushed, and he pushed, but that extra half-inch just wouldn’t budge. Because he’d been holding up the line of boarding passengers, a flight attendant came over and asked that he check in the duffle. The man did, but of course, he wasn’t too happy about it. After all, that extra $25 could have been spent on something cool at his vacation destination!

A shared sentiment that I’m sure many travelers have when flying nowadays. Most airlines charge separately for the first, second and third checked in bags. On top of that, if a bag is overweight or oversized, there will be additional charges. Also, the fees vary depending on where you’re flying (within/between the U.S., to another continent, etc.). As an example, if someone flying within the U.S. were to check in three overweight bags with Delta, they’d end up paying an extra $360 (not including tax).

To avoid those ridiculous charges, pack light and pack smart. You probably can’t avoid that first checked-in baggage fee, but you can avoid the overweight and oversized ones. Make sure to check with your airline about size and weight limitations because each airline differs. Some actually give passengers a discount if they pay for their bags online.

And to those very talented packers who can fit their stuff into a carry-on, congrats on a job well done! Just don’t be a victim of the airplane “squeeze.” Save yourself the hassle and the embarrassment by checking with your airlines beforehand on acceptable carry-on dimensions. Good luck!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 5, 2012