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Tsunami Warning for Hawaii, First Wave at 10:28 p.m.

A tsunami warning is “well into the warning levels” tonight for Hawaii, according to officials, after a 7.7-magnitude earthquake hit Canada at 5 p.m. Hawaii time. The first wave will arrive to all shorelines at about 10:28 p.m.

The highest level threat has been posted for Hawaii. Kahului and Hilo will be hit the hardest, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The initial wave will be four or five feet high for both areas. Officials also said “it’s unlikely to be very large, but certainly enough to cause some flooding.” It won’t be as bad as the tsunami generated from the Japan earthquake a year ago, according to the update. The wave will arrive to different islands at different times.

Those in flood zones should evacuate, including tourists staying in hotels. All of Waikiki is in a flood zone. Check with your hotel regarding evacuation plans. In the past, hotel guests have evacuated “vertically,” which means heading to the fourth floor or higher. Low-lying hotels usually partner with higher ones nearby that can handle more visitors.

Those seeking updates in multiple languages should listen to KNDI Radio 1270 AM.

This is the third warning in the past three years for Hawaii; therefore, many residents know how to prepare. However, it is unknown how much damage the tsunami will cause. Residents and visitors should still take precautions, especially those in flood zones. If you’re not in a high-rise, then head to higher grounds, such as lookouts or hilltops.

No word yet if flights arriving to or departing from the Honolulu International Airport have been cancelled.

Officials say this tsunami may last for several hours after the initial wave hits. And for several days or weeks after, there may be h3 currents and surges in the ocean.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 27, 2012