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New TSA Screening Officially Starts at Honolulu Airport

The new pre-screening program begins today for the Honolulu International Airport. We told you about it several months ago and now have a few more details to share for those flying out of Honolulu on a domestic flight.

Qualifying passengers can now whizz through those long security lines without having to take off your shoes, belts or (light) jackets. They wouldn’t even need to take out their laptops, which can be time-consuming and – not to mention – risky of getting stolen. Letting something that valuable out of your sight for even a few seconds can be nerve-wracking. And if the passenger gets randomly selected for further security inspections, those seconds will turn into minutes. That’s more than enough time to get your laptop jacked. Sadly, I’ve heard of this happening on more than one occasion.

This program starts a few weeks after a report was released, finding luggage at the Honolulu airport got on to planes unscreened (from Sept. to Dec. 2010). More than 30 TSA workers were fired. Hopefully they hired better-trained employees because this new pilot screening program sounds like it could easily go wrong by one human error. TSA should still keep a watchful eye on qualifying passengers and not let this expedited boarding pass lead to lazy tendencies.

Dozens of airports across the country are already part of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s expedited screening program. Travelers may fill out a form online for free, and if they qualify, they’ll get a special boarding pass with information embedded into the barcode. However, you won’t know in advance if you’ve been cleared.

Only a few airlines are currently participating with the program, so be sure to check online. If you’re traveling with a child 12 years or younger and are eligible for the TSA pre-screening program, then he/she may also be allowed through the expedited lanes. However, no inpidual will be guaranteed this privilege.

TSA PRE-SCREENING PROGRAM • Passengers on domestic flights from Honolulu International Airport may qualify for this expedited screening program • Apply online www.tsa.gov

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 23, 2012