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Suitcase Psychology: What Your Suitcase Says About You

If you’re headed to the airport for the holidays, you might want to think twice before jamming boots or bikinis into a suitcase that’s nearing its retirement age. A recent study by Virgin Atlantic reveals that the luggage we carry and what’s inside say heaps about the type of traveler and type of person we are.

There’s the conservative packers that choose convenience over fashion, and then there’s the luggage pas and pos that simply must have the latest and greatest traveling gear. Even those packing for a Hawaii vacation can easily fall into this spectrum of suitcase shenanigans.

Where do you fit into this packing palooza? Check out the suitcase psychology from Virgin Atlantic that puts your luggage under a microscope:


Celeb owners: Karl Lagerfeld, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian

More and more travelers seem to be following in celebrity footsteps, according to Virgin Atlantic. Blackout designer shades and matching designer gear define their achievements in life and no doubt bring out a bit of first-class snobbery. Sweeping through the airport in a true A list fashion, these travelers believe their journey is just as important as the destination. However, I wouldn’t recommend this type of luggage because you just may be seeking attention from the wrong type of people. Showy baggage screams, “I’m rich! Rob me!”


Celeb owners: Kerry Katona, Sam Faiers, Chantelle Houghton

Long gone are the days when a bright ribbon sufficed in making it easier to locate luggage on the conveyor belt. Now, with leopard print, zebra stripes and fluorescent-colored travel sets, a ribbon seems almost pointless. Virgin Atlantic says this type of traveler is “attention-seeking and slightly scatty.” They’re the drama queens (or kings) that hold up the line while on the hunt for their ID. But once at their travel destination, they become known as the fun and flirty friend of the bunch. And judging by their loud baggage, it’s not surprising at all.


Celeb owners: Angelina Jolie, Matt Cardle, Prince Harry, Daniel Craig

Virgin Atlantic describes this type of traveler well: A “Mary Poppins…(who) manages to pack everything they need into one piece of luggage.” They’re a light packer that knows how to avoid those ridiculous baggage fees. Something that’s easy to do when island hopping in Hawaii. Virgin Atlantic describes this traveler as “frighteningly practical and terrifyingly confident.” I’d say they’re more of a seasoned traveler with some mad packing skills!


Celeb owners: Mark Wright, Cheryl Cole, Shanon Osbourne, Wayne Rooney, Harry Styles

It’s likely you’ll find these travelers tapping away on their laptops or squinting to read their smartphones while at the gate. And you can bet that they’re headed to something along the lines of a corporate conference instead of a tropical getaway; it’s all business with them. Although they may seem to be the rushed type, they’re actually very focused and determined inside and outside of the airport. I’d say borderline boring, but Virgin Atlantic calls them practical.


Celeb owners: Justin Bieber, Chris Brown

A common sight for world-traveling backpackers, the rucksack shows he/she likes to go anywhere the wind may blow. A gypsy? Not quite. Rather, the eternal teen still loving the thought of leading a “freewheeling, commitment-free lifestyle forever,” Virgin Atlantic says. The kid-at-heart will most likely be flying to the deserts of Nevada for the Burning Man or hiking to the Alps; something crazy like that!

Source: Virgin Atlantic

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 18, 2012