Hawaii Five-0 Ratings Show Nice Gains This Week !

Stagnant is no longer the word of the day for Hawaii Five-0, at least where the ratings are concerned (though it most certainly applies to that nasty water in the Ala Wei canal Steve McGarrett tumbled into).

On what was arguably its h3est episode of the season, Five-0 came out ahead of its numbers from last week, finishing second in the time slot with a 2.1/8.7. NBC’s Revolution jumped double digits week-over-week in the demo, pulling a 3.3, but lost out to Five-0 in total viewers at 8.61. ABC’s Castle was also down in the demo at 2.0, but raked in 10.94 million eyeballs.

Thus far, here’s what Five-0 has looked like since the third season premiere, climbing four-tenths in the demo and week-to-week in overall viewers:

  • September 24th – 1.8/8.06
  • October 1st – 2.0/7.95
  • October 8th – 1.9/8.39
  • October 15th – 2.1/8.7

I was going to delve this week into a topic sure to get under the skin of some of Five-0’s die-hard fans – story lines in the show that may have caused a significant chunk of viewers to change the channel. Instead, you can save your feedback (i.e. general agreement/disagreement, constructive criticism and/or thoughts of throwing me to the sharks 😉 for at least another week. Instead we’re going to talk about Live+7 ratings, and more specifically what impact they’ve had on the season so far.

With so many U.S. viewers owning DVRs, playback numbers are playing a much larger role in determining the real number of viewers for a show. The overnight ratings may be what you constantly hear about, but Live+7 ratings usually give networks plenty to crow about in week-to-week gains in viewers and in the demo. That’s certainly the case for CBS, which published this ditty on its premiere week numbers, touting (among other things) Five-0 adding more than 3 million viewers, jumping more than 41% in that seven-day time shift when compared to overnights. That’s the biggest gain of any CBS program based on the chart below (but shockingly, still its smallest overall audience).

THE BIG BANG THEORY +3.92m 19.58m from 15.66m (+25%)
ELEMENTARY +3.89m 17.30m from 13.41m (+29%)
NCIS +3.66m 24.14m from 20.48m (+18%)
PERSON OF INTEREST +3.56m 17.84m from 14.28m (+25%)
HAWAII FIVE-0 +3.32m 11.38m from 8.06m (+41%)
VEGAS +3.30m 18.15m from 14.85m (+22%)
THE MENTALIST +3.28m 14.33m from 11.05m (+30%)
CRIMINAL MINDS +3.16m 14.89m from 11.73m (+27%)

I certainly don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, and any time-shifted viewing that brings a show up 41% should be heralded. However, to put this in proper perspective you need to know that Five-0 didn’t drop below 12.4 million viewers on seven-day playback all of last season. At its high, for the season two opener “Ha i’ole,” it played to 15.79 million and had a 4.6 in the demo. You don’t need to break out your calculator to figure out that, while huge amounts of viewers manage to catch up on a show within 7 days, seeing some 4 million of them disappear has to be disconcerting.
Five-0 takes a break from first-run episodes next week. I’ll try to figure out not where the viewers went, but why.

Til next time, mahalo for reading!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher