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“Last Resort” Staying Afloat in Ratings

Television critics might have been right after all.

They predicted the new ABC thriller, Last Resort, to be the “best show of the fall.” And now they’ve got the ratings to prove it. According to numbers by Nielsen, viewers of the drama following a military submarine crew increased from nine million (premiere night) to 11.5 million after three days. The DVR playback numbers also look promising, while the ratings show a bump among adult viewers (18 to 49 years old).

Perhaps they’re Hawaii Five-0 fans turned Resort fanatics? Or maybe it’s the added competition with Monday night football. With the start of a third season, it’s sounding more and more along the lines of Hawaii Five-0 “Uh Oh!” Last week’s show, with guest actor Ed Asner as August March, hit an all-time low for viewership. Just under eight million tuned in to watch. But as our Five-0 friend and fan Stephanie Sigafoos assures us, there’s no need to hit the panic button just yet. This week of Five-0 rebounded six-percent in the demo against the J.J. Abrams drama.

Although the Last Resort is filmed in Hawaii, the show is set elsewhere. It takes place on an island in the Indian Ocean and was created by Shawn Ryan, former executive producer of The Shield on FX, The Chicago Code on Fox and The Unit on CBS. If you’re curious to know what the hype’s about, tune in every Thursday night.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 6, 2012