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World’s Largest Spam Musubi

How heavy is the world’s largest spam musubi?

Heavier than a cow or a horse. That’s for sure! Tipping the scale at exactly 628 lbs., the world’s largest spam musubi rolled into the record books after this weekend’s Third Annual Rice Festival. The ingredients are simple – rice, spam and nori. But for this rice-tastic feat, volunteers kicked it up a notch (or two or three) and used 250 lbs. of rice, 29 cans of spam and three grocery bags worth of nori. That’s what you call a recipe for record-breaking success!

Enough spam musubi to feed a village.

The musubi-loving volunteers actually broke their own record from last year, which weighed in at 286 lbs. Yes, that’s 342 lbs. chunkier. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and check out this monster musubi for yourselves. It’s on display at the Ward Centers (Diamond Head side). You’ll be surprised at how compact it is for how heavy it weighs.

And if you’re wondering why the spam musubi didn’t get passed around for pure eating enjoyment, it’s probably because they used uncooked rice and spam. That definitely won’t have the same delicious taste as the spam musubis you’ll find around town. I’m sure cooking the ingredients would have taken a lot of extra hands and extra time. Maybe they’ll reconsider that for next year’s Rice Fest. Those who joined in at this weekend’s festival, however, did get their share of spam musubi samples. And no festival highlighting a cultural cornerstone for Hawaii would be complete without a spam musubi eating contest.

“September is National Rice Month,” said festival founder Ed Sugimoto in a press release. “It just made sense to create and break the record here, which both rice and spam are such regular staples. We’d like to keep the record in Hawaii.”

Photo Courtesy: Rice Fest Hawaii Facebook

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 30, 2012