Baby, You’re a YouTube Sensation!

Hawaii’s newest stars on YouTube are also one of the smartest and most playful creatures of the sea. Keo, a 12-year-old dolphin at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, joined the Mama Club last week when she gave birth to a cute female calf. And while most expecting parents today Tweet, Facebook and Instagram updates before and after (some during) labor, Mama Keo had her human companions document it for her.

Watch this heart-warming clip of how the baby dolphin instantly connects with her mother:

Still photos and videos have been posted all over the internet since last week. Viewers love watching the calf shoot to the surface for her first breath and then quickly dip back under to swim alongside her mother. The dolphins live in the resort’s man-made lagoon, as part of the Dolphin’s Quest Hawaii program that allows guests to swim with the marine mammals.

The veterinarians were impressed with how calm Keo was during labor, according to a Honolulu Star-Advertiser article. She was so relaxed that veterinarians could perform an ultrasound during labor. This brings up a valid point. While some people might say, “No thanks to the tank” (meaning, dolphins shouldn’t be kept in captivity), one positive would be the around-the-clock monitoring the mother and baby receive. Resort officials and vets will be keeping a close eye on the newborn, especially during the first 30 days because it’s the most critical to survival. In the wild, there is a 50-percent survival rate for babies born in the wild from first-time mothers, like Keo.

We’ll still have to wait another month before the baby gets a name. For now, it’s just being referred to as yet another YouTube sensation.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher