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A Special Day for Tourists

Globetrotters, jet-setters, voyagers and sightseers – whichever you consider yourself to be, we thank you. Every Sept. 27, the global community celebrates World Tourism Day to applaud those who continue exploring the oceans, continents, cultures and creatures of this amazing planet Earth.

Every year since 1980, a selected country has hosted this special day. India paved the way this year as host and focused on sustainable energy and cleaner environments. These are aspects specific to India, as the country continues its struggle to meet the standards of most other developed countries. Past themes included tourism for women, tourism and technology and tourism as a vital force for world peace.

This year’s Indian celebrations included a day jam-packed with fun and culture, starting with an international fashion show, as well as skit and dance routines performed by local students. Following that, artists brightened courtyards with traditional rangoli, or decorative folk art representing a sacred welcoming place for Hindu gods and goddesses. And perhaps just as colorful as rangoli, a parade of dancers, musicians, bicyclists, camels and elephants made their way through an Indian town. Tourists joined in on the excitement and danced alongside performers.

Every tourist knows that a trip wouldn’t be complete without authentic cultural cuisine. In Hawaii, we’d call that “the grindz,“ LOL. And because of this universal notion, a feast of traditional naan, curries, meats and other cultural dishes were enjoyed by all.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 28, 2012