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Hawaii Show ‘Last Resort’ Kicks Off Tonight

Could the Last Resort be a Hollywood success for Hawaii?

Critics think so. The new television drama following a military submarine crew debuts tonight on ABC and has already been dubbed “a keeper” and “best new show of the fall.” TIME listed reasons why Last Resort is one of the few new series worth getting excited about. It gives a nod of approval to the “skillful actors and producers who know how to make an hour of television.”

Even fans are crossing their fingers that the action-packed thriller makes the cut. Hawaii has a growing list of shows filmed in the islands, but only few have managed to prevent networks from drawing the curtain midway through the season. Remember, The River? Some, like Hawaii Five-0 and Lost, attract such a loyal following that producers reward them with the occasional red-carpet treatment, complete with Hollywood celebs.

One fan writes on a Hawaii Actors Network forum, “I have a good feeling about this one (Last Resort)…We are all going to benefit from it. Send your good vibes into this new series.”

Since July, Hawaii has been picking up clues throughout Oahu that hint filming has officially started. A pilot show has been available online for previewing and sets up a thrilling plot. The military submarine crew finds itself under fire from its own government when they question the order to launch their nuclear weapons. Branded a traitor, the sub’s captain flees with his crew members and finds safe harbor on an isolated island. A nuclear war with the government has begun.

Some Last Resort watchdogs have spotted a shoot in early August at Honolulu’s old Nike Town’s underground parking garage. They noted trucks parked outside on Kalakaua Avenue and Kalaimoku Street. The very observant fans also paid close attention to detail on the vehicles being used. Each truck had a Washington D.C. license plate, which – when you put two and two together – is likely they’d been filming a scene happening at the Pentagon.

And where would a fresh new show be without a core community of fans? More fans mean higher ratings, and ultimately, a prolonged life on network television. Many fans take it beyond cutsie posters and autographed items by actually auditioning to act alongside their favorite celebs. The Hawaii Actors Network forum listed several ads seeking extras.

One ad included very specific requirements: “In urgent need of MALE “military-looking types”…all ethnicities, who are fit, have athletic builds, 6’1 maximum height.”

As many in Hawaii and abroad anxiously send in their resumes and head shots for a chance to get that much-anticipated callback, everyone else can sit back and enjoy the first episode tonight at 8 p.m.

“ LAST RESORT” • Premieres tonight at 8pm on ABC • Drama following a military submarine crew under fire by its own government

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 27, 2012