Third Time’s a Charm at ‘Five-0′s’ Sunset Premiere

Things really heated up in Waikiki this weekend, with the season three premiere of Hawaii Five-0. Thousands of fans flocked to the third-annual “Sunset on the Beach” red-carpet event to get a glimpse of their favorite celebs and watch the first episode before anyone in the nation. With near windless beach weather and front-row seats in the sand, who could ask for more?

Alex O’Loughlin throws the shaka to a sea of “Five-0” fans.

SLIDESHOW: Check out all the hype at this year’s “Five-0” season premiere.

Sisters Mary Helen Eley and Patti Raybin could think of one thing they’d like more of…more of Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett), that is! They had a spot along the red carpet, with cameras in hand and a heart full of Five-0. After waiting hours in the hot sun to see the hunky Aussie actor, the sisters nearly jumped over the barricade when he finally arrived on the red carpet.

“Holy toledo! My heart is beating hard,” exclaimed Mary Helen, her star-struck sister sighing in disbelief next to her. “My gosh, we should be up there with him!”

They definitely weren’t the only fans in awe by O’Loughlin’s “perfectly-chiseled smile.” High-pitch shrills from the crowd gave a temperature check of how hot things were getting on beautiful Waikiki beach. A group of older ladies held a sign that read, “We flew 4,500 miles to see Alex.” None of the fans seemed to mind that he showed up with his 8-month pregnant girlfriend, Hawaii-born model Malia Jones. They just wanted some eye-candy to last them for at least another season of Five-0.

VIDEO: “Five-0” stars worked the red carpet yesterday. Here they are, in the raw!

O’Loughlin told the local news crew on location that they’re having a kamaaina (someone with Hawaii ties) baby, who’ll also be getting a Hawaiian middle name. This fit in nicely with the “On the Beach with Hawaii Five-Ohana” theme because it was all about family – families of behind-the-scenes crew members, of celebs and of course, the thousands of fans.

“This is as good as it gets in Hawaii!” shouted sister Patti, in referring to this being one of few red-carpet events in the islands. Lost had one for its final episode a few years back.

Speaking of Lost, former Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim (now Chin Ho Kelly on Five-0) also strut down the red carpet in a spiffy suit and slicked-back hair. But even more impressive than his get-up was his high-flying hurdling skills. He bolted over the red-carpet barricades to get closer to screaming fans wanting a picture with him. It’s something he promised to fans via Twitter. And boy, did he deliver! Complete with autographs and MySpace-style snapshots to capture the red-carpet excitement.

VIDEO: Thanks to fans, the “Five-0” frenzy continues into its third year.

Other Five-0 cast members that made an appearance included Taylor Wily (Kamekona), Teilor Grubbs (Grace Williams), Michelle Borth (Lt. Catherine Rollins and McGarret’s love interest), Dennis Chun (Officer Duke Lukela) and Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman). Sad news for Five-0’s Scott Caan (Danny Williams), who didn’t attend because of a family death. Our hard-working blogger, Cindy, shared with us how sad some little girls were when Kono (Grace Park) never showed on the red carpet. Every so often, they would ask their parents, “Where’s Kono? Where’s Kono?” Sadly, Kono never showed. This makes fans wonder if she really does get written off this upcoming season. For the little girls’ sake, I really hope she continues into the third season. We’ll just have to see on tonight’s televised season premiere.

Photo Credit: Cindy Scheopner

Posted by: Bruce Fisher