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iPhone 5 for Travelers

As the iPhone 5 hysteria slowly dissipates into the technology universe, the thousands in possession of one just can’t help but get googly-eyed over its thinner, taller and faster physique. Others, on the other hand, aren’t so googly-eyed. But rather, have been giving the “stink eye” to the Apple creators for selling out of the smartphones so quickly.

Whether you fall into one of those categories or are still debating on getting one, perhaps you’ll find this post useful. We’ll examine this brand-spanking-new iPhone 5 and pluck out the features most helpful to our globe-trotting readers. They aren’t necessarily revolutionary but rather lean more toward incremental improvements that may possibly make traveling even breezier.

Let’s start with the

new-and-improved camera

, which isn’t necessarily a revolutionary feature but rather a feature with a few new tricks up its sleeve. Most smartphones users today have fun with downloaded panoramic photo applications, such as Photo Synth. The iPhone 5 has such a feature integrated into its sleek self, making it easier to stictch wide landscape shots of – for instance – Hawaii’s breathtaking Koolau mountain range.

Also, if you’re planning on keeping in touch with family and friends via video calls, then the iPhone 5 has an improved

front-facing camera

for that simple pleasure. Not to mention, 720p video and ability to snap shots while recording. This means better self portraits for those Facebook status updates on catching up with old friends. The larger 4-inch screen and three microphones with improved noise-cancelation effects also makes video recordings even snazzier.

And it’s not traveling unti you’ve got a car floor covered with maps, right? Sort of. The new iPhone 5 takes care of that clutter. With Apple’s new iOS 6 software,

iPhone 5 Maps

replaces Google’s version, which has been standard since the first iPhone. This will be especially useful when driving, as the a new turn-by-turn direction feature uses voice to tell the driver where to go. Also, the display has been changed to a three-dimensional style of rendering that follows the movement of the vehicle (or feet, for those walking). Similar to a GPS gadget but also much safer than having to sneak in glances while driving at the phone’s text-version of directions.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the 5, the

“ Passbook.”

It’s not a 5-only feature per se but rather, one that hopes to consolidate all those travel docs and information. Passbook just may mean you’ll never lose that boarding pass again, as it keeps airline tickets (as well as movie tickets and gift cards) in on digital place! We are, however, still waiting on airlines to get on board with this feature. Once they do, it could potentially be an added bonus for both them and the passenger, helping speed up the logistical stuff, and therefore, making more time for fun at your travel destination.

Photo Credit: Bruce Fisher

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 23, 2012