A Young Honolulu

Young, to me, may be so broadly defined and open to interpretation depending on the situation. In a literal sense, it means to have lived or existed for a short time. But who says someone who has lived for 70 years can’t be classified as “young?” Young at heart, youthful in their sense of humor – these can be used to describe most older adults no matter how grey their hair or how wrinkled their skin.

So when Honolulu had recently been named one of the best communities in the nation for “young people,” I knew exactly why. Honolulu gives off that city-like feel. Tall buildings and lots of noisy traffic come to mind. Within those buildings, there are night clubs and bars. There are ones specifically for teens and others that cater toward an older crowd. The Honolulu nightlife extends its reach into the Waikiki area as well, except with a more beachy vibe.

Honolulu is also very youthful by way of fashion. There are many shopping opportunities to keep with the times, including a wide range of shops with high-end and bargain finds. Downtown Honolulu has its share of fashionable professionals, while the beaches follow a more laid-back trend. Both types of fashion have their own youthful kick to contribute to a thriving and jiving city.

Honolulu is also the perfect place to keep active, healthy and therefore, young. Public parks, like Kapiolani and Ala Moana, provide ample space for physical fitness. The fitter you are, the more youthful you feel. Let’s not forget about the long list of ocean activities that exist. Surfing, kayaking, swimming and snorkeling can be done by people of any age and make you feel like a kid again. The next time you’re in the islands, find out what brings out the young in you. It’s in there, somewhere! Let Hawaii lead you to that discovery!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher