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Friday Fireworks and a Blue Moon

Now that the “back to school jam” has slowly fizzled out for the year, we can thankfully look forward to more smooth-flowing roadways. However, the trend didn’t seem to have caught on at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor. Every Friday night, the parking lot is buzzing with cars looking for a spot to watch the much-anticipated weekly fireworks show. This past Blue Moon Friday was especially packed.

Every Friday night, the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor parking lot gets messy with cars.

After a pau hana surf last Friday, we were surprised to find a train of cars stopped bumper-to-bumper in the lot near the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s manmade lagoon. A flood of headlights shined into the darkened ocean, as the sounds of honking cars escaped into the night. The last time I was there on a Friday evening, I remember there being a little bit of traffic but not a major traffic jam like last week. The lot got so congested that drivers were parallel parking behind parking stalls already taken by someone, essentially barricading them in.

I peered over to the beach near the lagoon, only to find an even more congested shoreline packed with people waiting for the show to start. Spectators sat towel-to-towel, and if you looked up toward the hotel room balconies, you’d notice even more people waiting. I overheard someone on a megaphone warn beach spectators to keep an eye on their children during the show, as some have wandered near the fireworks before. Not good.

The August 2012 Blue Moon was incredible!

In the end, everyone got a chance to watch the show in the skies. We didn’t stick around for the entire display because we didn’t want to get caught in yet another traffic mess while exiting the lot. We did enjoy watching the Blue Moon, however, which peeked through the swaying palms as nature’s rare show in the skies.

Photo Credit: Noa Myers (first); Jana Viles (second)

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Sep 5, 2012