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Strolling Through Waikiki

Tucked between the Waikiki Natatorium and Queen’s Beach, a shoreline sidewalk sets the scene for sunset strolls or sand-covered feet shuffling their way into Oahu’s major tourist hub of hotel high rises, restaurants and shops. It can, however, be easily missed from Kalakaua Avenue, as the sidewalk’s a fairly short stretch of pavement. It is still connected to the main “strip” but ventures back toward the ocean.

Sunset at Waikiki. Can it get any better than this?

Up until a few weeks ago, I completely forgot about this scenic walkway. I just happened upon it during an evening bike ride through Waikiki. It seemed that others might have forgotten about it as well, since the first thing I noticed was how uncrowded the sidewalk was. I’m talking, enough room to weave side to side on my bike! It’s probably about seven feet wide, with benches and light posts along the way. I just learned that the city had renovated this area about five years ago, so that might explain why it appeared to be so new to me. Hawaii Vacations that include nice walks like this without a lot of people in the heart of busy Waikiki makes the experience all the better.

I really like how the sidewalk is right up against the crashing waves below. You can easily hear the ocean lapping back and forth, and if you peer over the edge, you might even see schools of fish swimming through the shallow waters. This is unlike the sidewalk we see right alongside the Kalakaua Avenue strip because instead of being right next to the ocean, it’s right next to a span of sandy beach and shops – which, is still a nice piece of paradise. I just prefer being nearest to the ocean as possible.

As you walk along this shoreline sidewalk, you could also stop by the Queen’s Surf Cafe. It’s an open-air eatery with a beautiful view of Waikiki. This is actually a fairly new addition to the list of eateries in Waikiki; more to come on that in a future post.

WAIKIKI SHORELINE SIDEWALK • Between the Waikiki Natatorium and Queen’s Beach

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 29, 2012