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How to Budget For Your Hawaii Vacation

One of the main ways to get the most out of your Hawaii vacation is to create a budget. Although this might not sound fun, and far from your thoughts of cocktails, tanning, or golf, it’s an important feature of your all-inclusive Hawaii vacation. What makes budgeting so important is the way in which it helps to clearly spell out the details of the trip. Creating a budget is a great way to plan ahead, know your daily spending, and prepare for the many financial aspects of the vacation.

Working out a daily budget helps to keep your finances under control. It’s easy to get caught up in the romance of Hawaii and throw money around like it’s in endless supply. A surf lesson here, a shave ice there, a dinner out along Waikiki, these things add up. And Hawaii isn’t cheap. We recommend creating budgets for separate things. For example, instead of simply putting a total cost on the entire trip amount, break it up into sections. A daily food budget, activity budget, rental car budget, and hotel budget are good starters. One of the biggest costs that end up nipping travelers in the butt is hidden hotels fees and taxes, and more importantly, food.

Many vacationers are more or less forced to eat out at every meal, which is why it might be important for you to consider hotels with continental breakfasts or a condo with a kitchen. This helps to cut back on costs, plus gives you a little extra for budgeting in other areas, such as sailboat cruises, luaus, or family activities. And all-inclusive Hawaii vacation doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive. By using budgeting tricks, and a good travel company, you can have a tropical getaway at an affordable price, without compromising on quality.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 28, 2012