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To the Power of ALOHA

Unlike those hocus pocus Power Balance bands that claimed to “improve balance, strength and flexibility” and became a craze last year with athletes and celebs, the Aloha Festivals power band keeps it simple. No fancy gizmo or scientific technology; this band is just a way to show support to the 66th annual Waikiki event and, of course, to share the Aloha Spirit.

The Aloha Festivals is a string of events celebrating the Hawaiian culture and integrates music, dance, food and art. This year’s free event will begin on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012 with an official ceremony of hula and chant at the Royal Hawaiian Center’s Royal Grove. About a week after, the 2012 Waikiki Hoolaulea kicks off; it’s a large block party of food, entertainment and Hawaiian crafts. The floral parade on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012 wraps up the Aloha Festivals. There will be a colorful equestrian procession, extravagant floats and fragrant Hawaiian flowers.

The Aloha Festivals power band does perhaps have some “power.” With each band sold, proceeds will go toward making the free cultural event a possibility. Aloha Festivals, a non-profit organization, receives funding from the Hawaii Travel Authority, as well as corporate and private sponsorships, but every little bit helps! It’s amazing how much work is put into the separate events and how many volunteers take time out of their lives to kokua (help). Plus the bands aren’t that bad looking either. A durable black wristband that matches with anything you wear and qualifies as the perfect Hawaii souvenir.

You can purchase a power band or the classic Aloha Festivals ribbons at the following stores. Here’s to the Power of Aloha!

  • ABC Stores
  • Aloha Festival events
  • Cookie Corner (Oahu)
  • Prototype (Pearlridge Center Downtown, 2nd level)
  • Town & Country Surf (Pearlridge Center Uptown, 2nd level)
  • For downtown Honolulu purchases, call Sunny at 227-5106
  • Online – www.alohafestivals.com

Photo Courtesy: Aloha Festivals

66TH ANNUAL ALOHA FESTIVALS • Sept. 6 to 22, 2012 • Waikiki, Oahu • For a list of free events, visit www.alohafestivals.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 27, 2012