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Another Beautiful Hawaiian Sunset

That’s right. Take it all in. This photo was posted especially for those who aren’t able to enjoy beautiful Hawaiian sunsets like this on a regular basis. Can you feel the warm golden rays and serenity taking over? I sure do, every time I look at this photo. Of course, it’s not the same as actually seeing a tropical sunset in the real, but trust that it’s as good as you make it! And it’s the perfect incentive to planning a Hawaii vacation pronto…don’t you think?

This photo was taken at one of my favorite places in Hawaii – a beach called Makalei. It’s actually named after a legendary tree that Hawaiians believed attracted fish. Located at the foot of Diamond Head crater on Oahu’s south shore, Makalei can easily be missed. But it’s a place I go to frequently, whenever I’m in search of some ocean therapy. Swim, snorkel, float, surf; basically any verb to describe ocean activities. Sometimes, I enjoy just sitting on the sand, which is just as beautiful as the surrounding water itself. If you look closely, there are tiny bits of olivine inside.

The waters are usually really calm, as they’re protected by reef. But low tide is the best time to come here. A few tiny tidepools become exposed and are an instant hit with the little ones. Way beyond the reef, surfers play in the waves while paddlers on a downwind run from Hawaii Kai wave hello. Aloha all around!

The best part is that it never really gets too crowded here. The stretch of sand would probably be considered small to some people’s standards, but that’s mainly why I like it. It’s quaint, quiet and just what I need after those LONG days.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 26, 2012