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Hawaii Travel Agent Matchmaking

Travel agencies employ an array of travel agents and each agent delivers something different. It’s possible that you can work with an agent who has never been to your point of destination, or who is planning your family vacation, but doesn’t have kids themselves, or has no experience with weddings, group travel, or cruise ship bookings. With Hawaii Aloha Travel, our agents are all either local or long-standing residents, and offer services based on their own experiences in the islands. They are all trained in vacation packages, from weddings to business to family, but they also have their areas of expertise. The agents’ specialties are what we like to play matchmaker with, and make sure to pair clients with the agent who will be perfectly suited.

We have agents working from all over the Hawaiian Islands. Some can tell you everything there is know about the road to Hana on Maui, and some can inform you of the best sushi spots, the best place for fresh floral bouquets, the most authentic luau, or where to find the longest stretch of sand on the island for evening walks or daytime beachcombing. If we feel you are perfectly suited to plan a vacation with one of our Kauai agents, we’ll make sure to put you in contact. Or if we think you’ll benefit from an agent who knows all the lively hot spots in the city, we’ll without doubt match you with them. It’s important you get a Hawaii travel agent who not only plans for you, but with you as well. We like to make sure our clients develop relationships with their local agent, because it ensures for a great trip to Hawaii. When an agent can get to know their client, they can plan much better and design a vacation package uniquely around their client.

If you’re interested in meeting our local agents, you can view their biographies right from our online homepage. You’ll see how unique each agent is, and if you find one that you feel is the perfect match for you, don’t hesitate to let us know! Matching up agents with clients is a great way for us to ensure you are getting excellent service and top quality advice. And it makes the vacation planning much easier, and fun! Hawaii travel agents are the best way to make the most out of your tropical vacation, so take our word for it and book local.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 22, 2012