Top 5 Hawaii Vacation Package Tips

Want to know how to pick, choose, and create the ideal retreat to the Hawaiian islands?

As experts on building a Hawaii vacation package, we have some tips to share with you!

Designing a vacation package on your own is not only difficult, it’s extremely time consuming. And, unless you’re a regular to the islands, chances are you won’t know the best places to visit or the most rewarding activities to book while you’re in Hawaii. It’s important to begin the planning in advance; this is to make sure you secure the cheapest prices and budget accordingly, as well as maximize your vacation time by scheduling things ahead of time. Here is our list of the top 5 tips to keep in mind when planning your Hawaii Vacation Package.

1. Pick the right island. It’s not shocking to get a client asking about the geography of the state of Hawaii. Many people are unaware that the state is composed of seven separate islands, with four major ones that allow for classic Hawaii-style vacationing. These popular ones are Big Island, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai and each one is unique in its own way. It’s important to do some research on each island before you choose which one to vacation on, because if you’re looking for a lively nightlife and plan your vacation to Kauai, you will be disappointed. Or if you hope to see active volcanoes and molten hot lava, you will be dissatisfied with Oahu. Each island offers something different and distinct, and you’ll want to make sure you did your research before booking your vacation package.

2. Plan with a local agent. Local travel agencies provide clients with a service that cannot be matched by companies on the mainland or online. We offer genuine customer service and agents that will be by your side through every step of the planning. Local agents have the advantage of living in Hawaii, therefore have insider tips and secrets to share with you. Who else but your local travel agent to tell you that Friday night fireworks on Waikiki are best viewed from a boat? Or that morning time is the best way to hike in Hawaii? Or that turtles are best spotted at Laniakea Beach on the north shore of Oahu? Or that a traditional luau is one that serves pork from an underground imu (oven)? These are the details that matter, and local agents are the ones who deliver.

3. Choose a time to travel. We highly recommend planning a Hawaii vacation during the off-seasons because not only will you save money, you’ll also experience a less crowded island. Peak travel times to Hawaii are during summertime (specifically July) and wintertime (specifically December) and usually during the typical school break dates. If you can plan a vacation outside of these timelines, you’ll be a happy traveler. However, we understand that for a lot of people, it’s just not possible to pull the kids out of school early or take time off from work during busy seasons, so this is a tip for those who are flexible with their vacation dates.

4. Budget by booking in advance. If you’re trying to vacation on a budget, then this tip is extremely important. Planning saves you money because you won’t be booking anything last minute, or in other words, you won’t be desperate. Once you’ve procrastinated on your vacation, all the hotels, airfare, and activities because much more expensive. When you book in advance, you can clearly see the overall cost of the trip and thus create a daily spending allotment. It also allows you to prioritize the things that are absolute must-sees and must-dos while on vacation, without burning that hole in your pocket from spontaneous activities.

5. Book more, get more, save more. Our last tip is quite possibly our most important one when it comes to booking your Hawaii travel package. We’ve realized that those who save more are those who plan for more and include more into their vacation package. This tip makes a lot of sense for large families, group travel, or wedding and other event parties, because we’re able to give you huge savings when you book for more. Receive free 3rd and 4th night stays at hotels, cheaper airfare, and activity discounts that don’t apply to smaller bookings. We can save you more by getting you more, and that’s an oxymoron you don’t want to miss out on.