New Hostess Needed for Chocolate Mac Co

Next time you bring back a box of chocolate-covered macadamias from your Hawaii vacation, take notice of what’s on the top. Hawaiian Host, Inc., the company synonymous with chocolate macs and known for its postcard style box, just launched a campaign in search of a new “hostess.” The inpidual will not only grace the cover of boxes but become the face of the company as well.

The search for a new “host-ess” is on! Hawaiian Host has been posting this ad all over the web, encouraging people to enter.

While the company has a history as rich as the chocolates it sells, they’re also focused on the future. Don’t worry, chocolate-covered mac nuts will still be an icon for travelers hoping to share some aloha spirit throughout the world. Hawaiian Host just wants to kick it up a notch by giving itself a minor makeover…starting with its heavier presence in the virtual world.

Applicants may post photos for consideration to the company’s Facebook page and its website. They’ll be taking entires from now until Oct. 31, 2012, when 10 finalists will be chosen. A panel of judges will interview the finalists in November in search of the winning inpidual who has the look and personality to best represent Hawaiian Host. The winner gets a case of chocolates every month, for a year. Wow, don’t know if my hips would like that, but then again, who doesn’t love chocolate? I know I do! Just not enough to enter this contest…hehe.

Just checked Hawaiian Host’s Facebook page and looks like there’s been a lot of excitement there. The company changed its cover photo to the “Great Hawaiian Host-ess Search” advertisement, as well as multiple posts encouraging people to enter. I’m excited to see who the new face will be. After all these years of eating the world’s best chocolates, it’s going to take some getting used to seeing a new face on the box!

Photo Courtesy: Hawaiian Host, Inc.