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Tips For Saving Money on Hawaii Hotels

Booking your hotel for your Hawaii vacation can be one of the largest expenses during the trip, especially because Hawaii hotels aren’t cheap. Nightly room rates can soar extremely high, particularly during peak seasons like July and December. And hotels in Hawaii are all considered prime location, even if they are a few blocks from the beach. But there are ways around breaking the bank when booking your Hawaii hotel, and with little tips and pointers on how to save, we’re sure you will be happy with the price and amenities of your hotel during your tropical vacation.

First and foremost, the best way to save money on Hawaii hotels is to book through Hawaii Aloha Travel. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our exclusive relationship with wholesaler companies is what gets us our great deals on Hawaii’s top hotels. We can offer specials such as getting the third or fourth night free, free hotel room upgrades, and other discounts that are beneficial to our clients. Plus, we can get better deals when you pay everything upfront and even greater discounts when you book in advance for no refund. The possibilities for saving on your Hawaii hotel are endless when you book with Hawaii Aloha Travel, because we have the insider connections no one else can get, simply because we are located right here in the vacation hot spot.

Another great way to save on Hawaii hotels is to plan your vacation during the off-season. Or even think about planning the trip to fall slightly before or after peak travel times. For example, instead of booking the vacation around July 4th or Christmas break; plan for mid-June or after the holidays. These dates are popular for vacations and traveling, therefore drive up hotel prices, not to mention airfare. If you can beat these dates even by a week, you are doing yourself a huge favor. Hotel rates drop significantly once the rush is over, and they’re actually giving out better deals and discounts to guests who plan to stay during their slower seasons. Did we mention your hotel will be much less crowded too?

Hawaii hotels are expensive, no doubt about it. But when you have a travel company working directly with you and your budget, making sure your vacation is within reach, than hotels don’t seem to be so pricey or daunting. Especially when you get a couple nights free thrown into your vacation, or an upgrade to a suite. It’s these little savings that make the vacation worthwhile and memorable, and Hawaii Aloha Travel is here to make it happen.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 10, 2012