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What’s Included and What’s Not When You Book Your Hawaii Hotel

One of the most common ways to book a hotel for an upcoming vacation is through an online travel agency. But just because it’s common, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way to book. In fact, there are a lot of things that customers miss when they book a hotel online, and we’re going to lay out some of these small details for you so you can see exactly what is included and what’s not when you book your Hawaii hotel.

The most common thing that is missed when booking online is those sky-high fine print charges. Fees, taxes, and resort fees are all not included in the initial price you receive from the online travel agency. These seemingly small costs can end up adding to the bill in a large way, shocking clients and customers into a financial frenzy. Most people are surprised to discover that14.2% has been added to the “total” price, somake sure you stay attentive to these details when booking your Hawaii hotel online. Or, make it easier on yourself and book directly with Hawaii Aloha Travel. Hawaii Aloha Travel will also make sure any requests you have, like double beds or a high floor at the hotel are noted on your reservation. Our prices always include tax, and we strive to keep business with our clients transparent and easy.

Another amenity that is often times not included, (that your online travel agency will not reveal) is room service. Some hotels do not offer room service, especially if you book a 3-star hotel or below. If this is something you need to make your stay more comfortable, make sure you check this out prior to booking. Also, keep in mind that hotel amenities are a big factor that many folks base their decision on. Do you need a hotel that has on-site restaurants, shopping, or concierge services? Would you like your hotel package to include breakfast? Is a large pool and active poolside services a priority? Do you want kid services and programs while on vacation? What are you expecting out of your hotel? What does it take for you to be satisfied, as far as hotel amenities go? This is another big thing to evaluate when booking a Hawaii hotel online, because chances are, they won’t be spelled out clearly.

So, if you’re looking to book a Hawaii hotel online, make sure you read the fine print. And if there isn’t fine print, don’t think it doesn’t exist somewhere else in the contract. Chances are, most things are not included in the total price of the package, so if this scares you from taking the risk, then let us point your in the right direction. Hawaii Aloha Travel. The price you see is the price you pay. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, and certainly no funny business. You create the package, you confirm the price, and we help you through it all, from start to finish.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 8, 2012