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Pitfalls of Booking a Hawaii Vacation Package Online

Booking a vacation to Hawaii is already a tricky thing to do, but when you’re trying to plan for air travel, accommodations, activities, and meals, it’s even trickier when you don’t have a live agent to speak to and plan with. More frequently than not, booking a Hawaii vacation package online usually means dealing with the run around if anything happens to go wrong. Many of the “travel agents” that you deal with through online bookings are not in fact agents. They are merely customer service representatives for the company, and know little about your destination, therefore are unable to give any bit of insider perspective, tips, or suggestions.

Although booking a Hawaii vacation package online may seem cheaper, you are really actually paying for what you get, which is little to no genuine customer service. While many people planning a vacation may think this feature is expendable, you will soon find out the difference if you choose to book through a local travel company. Hawaii Aloha Travel’s agents are with you at your service every step of the way. From your initial ideas of the vacation to the last day at the resort, your travel agent is your direct line to any questions, concerns, or problems you may experience while traveling. And here’s the great part, most of time they actually beat the online travel companies. They are here to help you in any and every way possible, from giving helpful tips on driving routes and good restaurants, getting tickets to the most popular luau in town or helping with activities and tours.

This type of personal service is not matched anywhere else, especially not through an online travel agency. The other pitfall to booking a Hawaii vacation package online is the fine print and hidden charges that inevitably seem to work their way into the final bill. Whether it was the additional bed that was needed in the hotel room or the extra credit card charge that was tacked on during checkout, it is rare to know upfront what the total cost for the travel package will be. This is another aspect where Hawaii Aloha Travel excels. We pride ourselves on maintaining transparency for our clients. No hidden fees, no surprise charges, and nofine print. Everything is upfront, laid out, and clearly stated. We are not trying to deceive or trick anyone, we simply wish to create incredible Hawaii vacation packages for people who love Hawaii like we do.

And our travel agents love doing it. They thrive off of designing travel packages and receiving positive feedback and fulfilling testimonials. They work directly with the client to create the perfect vacation package, and they won’t stop until you are satisfied. You simply won’t receive this type of treatment when you book with an online travel agency. And our type of service is worth entertaining. Don’t fall into the pit of online bookings, there are just too many risks, especially when it comes to package deals. Instead, look to a local travel company with friendly staff and knowledgeable travel agents who are happy and willing to create the ultimate Hawaii vacation package. You will be glad you did.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Aug 6, 2012