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Hawaii Vacations “On the Cheap” May Not Be the Best Idea

We understand that Hawaii is an expensive destination. Which is why we strive to get our clients the best deals possible. For many travelers, finding cheap Hawaii vacations is the only way they can travel to these desirable islands. But we’re also going to preach that old adage, “You get what you pay for”, because quite honestly, it’s true. While we boast of our affordability and cheap deals, this doesn’t mean that we cut out value. But if you’re fixated on getting only the cheapest Hawaii vacation deals, and you’re planning your trip on your own, then you are risking the worth of your vacation. We believe there is a middle ground.

Cheap Hawaii vacations don’t just magically appear. And they aren’t too easy to find. It takes a travel company and a local agent weeks, if not months, to really secure a great deal on a vacation, and it takes their inside connections and local networking to make it possible. Many people think they can piece together a trip with cheap activity deals here, discounted hotel rates there, and coupon clipping once they arrive. While this may be doable, it’s not practical, and it definitely won’t get you the savings you’re after. In fact, companies that offer really low prices or extremely cheap deals should be approached with caution. Many tend to have red flags littering the fine print, so if you’re taking this route, we advise you to be thorough in your investigations.

If you’re planning your vacation through a travel company, cheapskates tend to turn agents off. Yes we believe in getting good deals and finding the best prices, but if we’re constantly being prodded to go cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, it will defeat the purpose of creating a memorable Hawaii vacation. Often times we get compared to distant travel relatives like Jamaica and Mexico, and people ask, why isn’t a Hawaii vacation as cheap as Mexico? Well, you’re comparing apples to oranges, and you simply can’t project your ideas or past experiences from your Mexican vacation on your future Hawaii one. Hands down you will be disappointed. And you will spend more money than you were initially hoping. Hawaii is a pricey travel destination, but it is possible to create a cheap Hawaii vacation without compromising quality. And you can find this at Hawaii-aloha.com.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 16, 2012