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Don’t Over-Think Your Hawaii Vacation Package

When we say over-think we basically mean over-plan, except when you’re booking with a travel company, you have an agent doing the planning on your Hawaii vacation. So it’s hard to over-plan if you have an experienced travel agent feeding you advice and helpful pointers. But for those who know they tend to be controllers, over eager planners, or micro managers, (and we don’t mean to be pointed, merely helpful for those who may need it), then stay tuned for some reasons why over-thinking your Hawaii vacation package may be detrimental to your experience, and how to avoid doing this.

Over-thinking a vacation tends to come in the form of over-booking yourself. Most people book a Hawaii vacation package to relax, unwind, and enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. This is hard to do when you’re scuttling from activity to activity, trying to pack everything into a short vacation. Although we understand you have an abundance of things to choose from while in Hawaii, it’s a good idea to prioritize. While fishing, museum hopping, and the Dole Plantation might be things you have on your Hawaii bucket list, we’re here to tell you which things are a must-see and which are probably just time suckers. Using a local travel agent is imperative to creating the Hawaii vacation package that is just right for you and your group or family. They can help shave things down, create realistic schedules, and make sure the final itinerary is composed of the most important things for your vacation. Whether you prioritize activities, meals, relaxation, or simply sunshine, here’s how to not over-think your Hawaii vacation.

Make time with your local travel agent and create a list of things to do together. If you say, “I absolutely want to snorkel,” then they will tell you where the best reefs are. If you say, “my kids are dying to take a surf lesson,” then they’ll line you up with the best surf activity company. If you say, “I want to make sure we include plenty of R&R on this vacation,” your travel agent will make sure to pencil this into the daily itinerary. So have faith in your agent, because not only are they experts, they’ve made a career out of providing people with amazing Hawaii vacation packages. They know what they’re doing.

Try to let go of the reigns. You don’t always need to be in control of the planning. Leave it up to your travel company, as they enjoy doing this. And while it might be difficult to give up the authority, you may find that it’s a breath of fresh air not having to constantly do all the scheduling. Many people take on this responsibility with the belief that no one can do it better than they. When in fact, a professional (or even another adult in the group) is just as capable as making plans and creating an itinerary. Plus, they might come up with great ideas you hadn’t ever thought of, which helps you to open your mind to outside possibilities, plans, and activities.

Make your vacation a vacation. With too much over-thinking, your vacation turns into a burden, instead of a leisurely experience that is intended to refresh you from life’s daily struggles. Instead of making a day-by-day calendar for your Hawaii vacation package, turn one or two days into a “free day”, where people are free to go their own way, explore on their own, or choose an activity separate from the rest of the group. Many times people just want to wake up knowing they have nothing planned for the day. This let’s you truly relax- grab a novel and lounge by the pool, saunter through the resort shops, take your time at lunch, or do something spontaneous. You will feel absolutely fulfilled after a successful day of taking it easy.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 13, 2012