Weakened Hurricane May Bring Rain to Hawaii

Although it’s another beautiful and sunny day in Hawaii, the remnants of Hurricane Daniel (which has been downgraded to a low-pressure system) may bring rain tonight through Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service. The Big Island is forecasted to get the most rain (1 to 3 inches) when Daniel passes south of the island.

Expect wet, tradewind weather tonight through Saturday. More rain on Monday.

Meanwhile, a second hurricane – Hurricane Emilia – has been following the same track as a category 3 storm but is also expected to weaken as it moves into cooler waters. Emilia is currently south-southwest of Baja California and should wither down to a tropical depression by Monday.

For those vacationing on the Big Island, a high surf advisory has been issued to its east-facing shores. It’s best to stay away from the ocean until the advisory has been lifted. Talk to lifeguards if you need help finding a safer beach. Surf may be big on the east side of other islands as well; however, an advisory has not yet been extended beyond the Big Island.

Try not to let this weather forecast put a damper on your vacation plans. There seems to be plenty of sun to be had for the remainder of the day. Luckily, Hawaii offers a nice blend of indoor and outdoor fun. Look to the shopping malls, movie theaters, bowling alleys or even indoor go-kart racing for loads of fun once the rain hits.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher