About Hawaii Aloha Travel Agents

We are your key to successful vacations in Hawaii. Your inside connection to the islands. The personal touch to your travel services. We are your deals, discounts, and savings on your much-anticipated Hawaii holiday. We are a local travel company, owned and operated from an Oahu home with a tropical view. We strive to make interactions as personal, seamless, and transparent as possible. Our travel agents are Hawaii specialists, scientists in the art of Hawaiian vacations. When you work with one of our local agents, you’ll see first handedly why our small travel company has the success and reputation it upholds today. Give local a chance and book with Hawaii Aloha Travel today.

Our Hawaii travel agents are connoisseurs of Hawaii vacations. They know the local secrets, the ideal day-to-day itinerary, and the must-sees and must-dos of every island in Hawaii. Because our Hawaii travel agents are either native to the islands or long-time locals, they have exclusive knowledge on how to make a vacation supreme. Who else but kama’aina to know the best place for fresh ahi poke, the most secluded waterfall hike, the best entertaining sunset sailboat cruise, or the most colorful reefs for snorkeling? Their passion for home is what makes their vacation packages so unique and fulfilling for clients. And because they genuinely enjoy sharing their wisdom on Hawaii, you gain the invaluable insider look into the ideal trip to the islands.

So instead of using your precious time and energy to book your own vacation, consider handing the job over to one of our Hawaii travel agents. You’ll be glad you did. Because not only will they provide you with direct contact from the beginning planning stages to your final day at the airport, they will also work their hardest to make sure you have a vacation booked at the best possible price, from airfare to daily activities to every meal. You can find a sense of reassurance with our Hawaii travel agents, as they will exceed your expectations and ensure you with the vacation of your dreams.