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Do’s and Don’ts of Popular Hawaii Activities

Many tourists get to Hawaii without having any idea of what they want to experience while on island. Which is easy to do, because who wants to plan an itinerary when you’re on vacation? Most folks prefer to operate spontaneously while in Hawaii, which is a great way to have fun and soak in the adventure. But we also recommend having a few tips in your back pocket, because frankly, trying to book activities on the spot or find excellent dining, or affordable deals on things is nearly impossible if you’re not familiar with the territory. Which is why we’ve highlighted some do’s and don’ts of popular Hawaii activities for you when vacationing to the tropics.

Do: snorkel

. It’s an incredible world in these Hawaiian waters, with beautiful sights and an adventurous feel to it all. It’s easy, safe, and fun, and one of the most loved Hawaii activities amongst tourists and locals alike.

Don’t: be careless.

Although snorkeling is accessible from almost any beach, it’s important to know which ones are safe for snorkeling. And we’re not talking about just the safety of the snorkeler. We’re also talking about the reef, ecosystems, and ocean life that surrounds you. Be careful where you step, as wana (sea urchin) lurk in almost every crevice. Also, walking on reef destroys the delicate life that exists amongst the surroundings, so always use caution and make sure you understand the risks so you can protect yourself and the environment.

Do: try surfing

. This is a one-of-a-kind feeling that you surely do not want to miss while vacationing in the islands. This classic Hawaii activity is popular for the simple reason that it’s extremely fun… and addicting. Once you’ve caught that first wave, you’ll be paddling back out for some more ocean action, guaranteed!

Don’t: underestimate the power of the sun

. It is way too common to see first time surfers coming out of the water after a 2-hour session and looking lobster-ish. So beat the odds and make sure you prepare for the intense Hawaiian sun. Sunscreen, although is the number one blocker, is, for one reason, not good for the ocean environment, and for another, not waterproof (despite your convictions). We recommend wearing a rash guard, as this protects the entire part of your body that will be exposed to the sun. Except for your head and face, and for this, we recommend a net hat that can get wet.

Do: pupu hopping

. This is fun during the lunch or dinner hours because it lets you try an arrangement of eateries and local flavors. It’s also a great way to taste Hawaii’s authentic foods, from sashimi to kalua pork; this tropical state has plenty to offer the food enthusiast. And it’s a fun way to get around town, whether it is by car or by foot, its always entertaining to hop to various eateries.

Don’t: Stick to only what’s familiar

. You will miss out on a lot of what Hawaii has to offer if you only eat what you can find back home. There are world-renowned chefs on almost every island, with dishes and flavors that are well worth trying. Plus, many restaurants are branching out into locally grown and organic produce, and farm-to-table dining options, so there is plenty to experiment with on island. Don’t turn your nose up to something if you’ve never tried it because you will likely be pleasantly surprised.

Do: Get some sunrays

. Statistics show that sunshine helps our mental and physical health, so why not get some tan lines while you’re here in the sunny state of Hawaii? A golden tan boosts the body with vitamin D and positively affects our moods, so be sure to let the warmth bathe your body while you’re vacationing. Who doesn’t enjoy a healthy glow to make co-workers jealous back home?

Don’t: Fry.

Everyone knows the risks of too much sun, so it’s a good idea to know when enough is enough. Make sure to apply sunscreen when going out in the sun, and if you’re having an especially long day in the outdoors, bring hats and cover-ups to protect yourself against the harsh Hawaiian rays. We are all for getting some sun, but we are totally against getting friend and ruining your vacation.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 4, 2012