Honolulu Among Best Cities for Skin

Frequent flyers know the feeling of dry skin, especially after those long overnight flights. Well, at least the ladies know what I’m talking about. So when I found out that Honolulu ranked as one of the top 10 U.S. cities for best skin, I thought about our female (and maybe some male) readers still debating on whether or not to book that flight to Hawaii! How does beautifully glowing skin sound?

What makes the Aloha State’s capital one of the best cities for your skin?

Released at the heels of Skin Cancer Awareness month by leading online health and beauty authority Daily Glow, the report analyzed 55 cities around the country to determine where skin is most likely to shine and why (or why not). Portland, Oregon got the top spot for skin because of its low pollution and ozone rates. Las Vegas, Nevada – on the other hand – was placed on the opposite end of the spectrum, as the worst city for skin. Why? Because a large portion of the population are smokers. According to a doctor from Mayo Clinic, smoking causes wrinkles and clogs pours.

Honolulu came in at a humble 6th place for top skin healthy cities, which might seem strange since it’s a vacation spot known for its sun and surf. But according to the report, the capital of the Aloha State has the country’s lowest rate of air particle and zero high-ozone days.

Pollution can “cause oxidative damage and changes to the skin’s DNA and worsen(s) the effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin,” a Kailua dermatologist said in an interview with the Daily Glow. And because the islands are pretty much always blanketed with sunshine, people know to be cautious when it comes to proper sun protection.