Honeymooning in Hawaii- Why We Love It

We can’t think of a more romantic place than the calm coves of Kauai’s beaches during the summertime to begin a marriage. Or the warm, tropical waters of Oahu’s east side. Or Maui’s energetic nightlife in the town of Lahaina. Or, the spiritually majestic volcanic terrain of Big Island’s coastline. You can see that the Hawaiian Islands are unique in their ability to evoke romance, adventure, and a closeness that comes from complete contentment. Which is why honeymooning in Hawaii is something we recommend for all newlyweds. Whether you’re outside of the US or positioned right within this tropical archipelago, a honeymoon on an island is ideal.

While we can’t recommend the perfect honeymooning island, we can tell you that your choice should be based on your personality. For the quieter, more relaxed couple looking to sink into the green tropics or warm beach scene, we recommend Kauai. Here you will find quaint towns (Koloa Town and Hanalei Village), secluded beaches, great paths for long walks, and a floral scent in the air that never seems to leave. Maui offers a similar scene if you stay in Upcountry, but you can also find a bit of vibrant nightlife in Lahaina and Paia, as well as idyllic drives through the rainforest (Road to Hana) and breathtaking verdant valleys. Big Island is where couples can find less touristy venues, classic black lava landscapes and unique beaches, along with the fun town of Kona and some amazing snorkeling. And for the couple that enjoys some city in their tropical island, Oahu might just be the perfect honeymoon destination.

You will soon see that booking a honeymoon destination is Hawaii is just as distinctive and intimate as choosing the details of your wedding. If you have Hawaii in mind, don’t hesitate to get some local advice from the agents at Hawaii Aloha Travel.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher