Kauai Vacation Packages: Hawaii’s Best Kept Secret

The Garden Isle didn’t hit the popularity scene for vacationers until about twenty years ago, when the secret of the island’s lush beauty and idyllic lifestyle got around. Although still relatively quiet and unpopulated, Kauai is a rapidly growing island. Due to the demand for peace and solitude while on vacation, many travelers have opted to visit Kauai over many of the other, busier islands. If you seek a slow-paced, dirt road to a gorgeous beach, yet country style of vacation, then Kauai is the perfect place for your getaway.

With Kauai’s south side becoming a major area for development, there are now more places than ever to book your hotel accommodations. From the extravagant Grand Hyatt Kauai to the fresh, modern Koa Kea, or the plantation-style cottages of Kiahuna, Poipu is a great destination on Kauai, offering uncrowded beaches, a few good bars, and a two-way road with a speed limit maxing at 35mph. The north shore is another great place to vacation, as it presents visitors with a lush beauty that is virtually untouched. Steep mountains point to the sky, with waterfalls carving down and rainbows arching overhead. Snorkeling is beyond belief out here as well, and you’ll find the same simplicity of the south side out here in Hanalei too. With one main grocery store, miles of sand and turquoise waters, and a small-town country feel, you may just never leave this relaxing slice of heaven.

Hawaii Aloha Travel has the vacation package that includes everything you wish to see and do while visiting Kauai. We offer all-inclusive packages that are designed by you with the help of one of our agents. They provide not only friendly service with an aloha spirit, but also a deep understanding and knowledge of the islands that is only found through local roots. Each one of our agents specializes in bringing the best of the islands to you while on vacation. From marketplace shopping to waterfall hikes to romantic dinners and sunset sails, they design the ideal Kauai vacation package for you that represents the island at its finest.

Although we would love to keep this precious island our little secret, we can’t deny the fact that its popularity has risen, and the demand for relaxing island getaways is greater than ever. But regardless, we love to share our best-kept secrets with our clients, which gives you an advantage and us the satisfaction of booking a truly perfect vacation. Speak to one of our local agents today to find out more about how to save on a Kauai vacation package. We offer exclusive savings, cheap prices, and exemplary services that can’t be found anywhere else. We’re in Hawaii, we’re Hawaii’s experts, so come see what all the talk is about.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher