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What to Look For in a Hawaii Vacation Package

So you want to vacation in Hawaii, but the expense is overwhelming. We hear you, believe us. It’s even getting hard for us to island hop, and we already live in Hawaii! But trust us when we say, you save best when you bundle your vacation. Have we convinced you yet? If not, then read on, and we’ll share with you what makes a Hawaii vacation package so desirable. Plus, we’ll tell you what to look for in a package to make sure it includes everything you need to make your getaway beyond your expectations.

First off, if you don’t have a hand in the design of your Hawaii vacation package, then it probably won’t turn out like you want it to. Unless you prefer an agent to take over the creation completely, than that’s a different story. But if the travel agency doesn’t offer one-on-one conversation with your travel agent on a regular basis, than it’s not a personal experience and it’s not fun. At Hawaii Aloha Travel, we want you to have complete say in how your trip is laid out. From your traditional Hawaiian lei greeting at the airport to your all-inclusive resort to your beach day activities, these are the things that matter. And this is what makes it fun for you, and for us.

Next, you will want to decide how inclusive you would like your vacation package to be. We can tailor it to include everything, or we can design it to simply include your hotel and airfare. But if you’re looking to design a vacation, a package deal is usually the best way to go. Your agent will cultivate an intimate, personal experience with you, and together you will create a Hawaii vacation package that is fitted to your inpidual personality. Everyone is unique, which is why our agents excel in creating packages that are as exceptional as the clients they work with.

Make sure your package includes the activities you’ve been dying to experience while in Hawaii. Whether it’s a surf lesson at the classic break in Waikiki, an underwater snorkel adventure, swimming with dolphins, hiking to a waterfall, or taking a driving tour to the island landmarks, it is these activities (and what happens in between them) that make the vacation your own. Your travel agent at Hawaii Aloha will help you design your package to include these activities, and make sure you’re happy with the day-to-day itinerary.

Hawaii vacation packages should also include the little things. Like breakfasts at the hotel, transportation around the island, and discounts on things like upgraded rooms or car rentals. We also give our clients welcome packages filled with tropical goodies, an addition that is rarely found in the competitor’s packages. From the big components of travel down to the little details of relaxation, Hawaii Aloha Travel is here to help you design the vacation package you’ve been waiting for.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 13, 2012