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Discount Flights to Hawaii: 3 Tricks for Getting the Best Deals!

Flights to Hawaii can be a kicker. Especially when you’re traveling on a budget. And unfortunately, they just don’t seem to be getting any lower. Which is why travel companies strive to find deals and discounts for their clients. Hawaii Aloha Travel is no exception; we offer our customers the lowest airfare and vacation packages around. So what’s our trick? Well, we’ll give you some pointers, but to really understand how we operate so successfully, you’ll just have to experience it first-hand.

Plan to book your vacation on an off day for travel. Typically, people choose to fly during the weekend because it’s convenient and easier to schedule around the workweek. However, this is our number one rule for saving on a flight- book on a weekday. Especially a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. As tiresome as this may seem, it will actually end up saving you money, which ultimately leads to a happier traveler. And there’s nothing like the feeling of getting a great deal on airfare, especially to Hawaii.

Plan to book in advance. Like, way in advance. We recommend booking a year ahead of your travel date, because unlike popular belief, thinking you’ll land a cheap, last minute ticket is never a good idea, nor is it good planning. Especially if you’re traveling with a large group of people or your family members. And once you’ve booked your flights to Hawaii, the rest is easy! Our travel agents simply love working with their clients to design a vacation package that is perfectly tailored around desires and dreams. And we do it all at an affordable price, and always within your budget.

Consider bundling your entire travel expense as a package. We can usually save you more money than you would imagine when booking an all-inclusive travel package for clients. Plus, it’s less headache for you. But if you’re not sold entirely on the package idea, then fill out our travel form to request a quote within minutes. Or you can call us directly and speak with an agent to begin the process of designing your vacation. Working with Hawaii Aloha Travel is your #1 way to score the best deals, so see what we’re all about and get in touch with one of our local agents today. You will be pleasantly surprised when you hear about our discount flights to Hawaii, not to mention our low rates that beat the competition, and our friendly service providers. We are Hawaii’s experts, so plan on leaving it to us, including the discounts, deals, and cheap prices.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 12, 2012