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How Hawaii Insiders Save on Cheap Flights to Hawaii

If you’re new to Hawaii traveling, then you’re probably shocked by the upsetting prices of airfare. And it looks as though tickets just keep rising, with airline services diminishing. Although it may seem bleak, we have insider tips on how to save and how to get the cheapest flights to the islands. With Hawaii being such a desirable travel destination, it’s imperative that we work our hardest to offer clients the lowest prices on travel packages. And at Hawaii Aloha Travel, it’s what we do best.

With our experience and expertise, we’ve wrangled some rules-of-thumb to remember when booking your flights to Hawaii. So far, these have been the best ways to save on airfare and receive cheap flights to Hawaii that we’ve encountered. And hopefully they work for you too. After all, we are Hawaii’s experts, and with this comes insider knowledge on savings, discounts, and deals that can’t be beat.

Always book in advance. Contrary to popular belief, it’s extremely hard (and rare) to find cheaper flights at the last minute. It is also a good idea to sign up for for our airline newsletter updates and news flashes, so you can check flights on a daily basis. We recommend booking a year in advance, so prior to solidifying your flights, you should have a pretty good idea of price ranges and day-to-day deviations. Become your own expert on rates, or, if you don’t have this kind of time, have an experienced agent do this work for you.

Ask about travel packages. Bundling your airfare and hotel accommodations can actually save you a lot of money, which is definitely worth inquiring about. And at Hawaii Aloha Travel, we not only offer these discounts, we specialize in them. You can save big bucks by packaging together your vacation, and our travel experts are the authority when it comes to designing a travel bundle within your budget. Unlike other agencies, we are a travel company that is based right here in Hawaii, giving you exclusive savings that can only come from an insider.

Receive a quote. The best way to understand your travel budget is to fill out our form and receive your flexible quote for your vacation. It let’s you know where to save, what to splurge on, and how to allocate funds. When you fill out one of our forms, you’ll receive a quote within minutes, and be able to speak with one of our friendly travel agents almost instantly. We consistently beat the competition, simply by comparing our prices to theirs, and beating it. And we hang our hat on this, because it’s all due to our local connections and cultivated relationships from being right here in Hawaii. We can get the prices that make your vacation possible, and if you follow our simple tips, you’ll be on your way to the sunshine and warm water in no time.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 8, 2012